Home: a Charlie & Cub sequel drabble

This 100-word note is a mini-sequel to The Charlie & Cub Chronicles. Charlie is sixteen in this moment. I’ve got a collection of sixteen-year-old Theo and Charlie moments that are slowly coming together in my head. I might even try to link them. This note can be read on its own and out of context of any novel

The joggers passed by. Children went home. The sky turned purple and pink. Charlie sat up high, staring at the islands disappearing into the inky blue sky.

She’d climbed into the playground’s spider’s web. Many of the ropes been removed or cut. She wouldn’t have been able to climb it when she was eleven.

Behind her, the Witch’s House remained. Only there were no more cats. A car was parked in the driveway and the grass had been mown.

Someone lived there now.

This is the only place that ever felt like home; but it had changed like everything else.